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Through the process of co-extrusion, we can develop film that will perform to the desired specifications of the package.

End Uses

Because of the combined use of multiple films, the end use of co-extrusion is dictated by the packaging needs and requirements.


When there is a package that requires a unique combination of properties or a higher level of performance, we can turn to Co-Extrusion to engineer the best packaging solution for your customers. Through Co-Extrusion, Ex-Tech can create a hybrid that combines the characteristics of several films used to meet the needs of the particular packaging requirement or challenge. The use of the multiple film combinations leads to creating a package with superior properties.

Ex-Tech Value-Added Services

  • Custom colors
  • Sheeting
  • Custom Compounding
  • Laminating
  • Embossing
  • Coating
  • Corona Treating
  • Co-Extrusion
  • Special Packaging Services
  • Warehousing

Product Information and Technical Data

Product and technical data varies depending on what sheets are being co-extruded.
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