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Ex-Tech Brand Static Control Plastics in PET

Ex-Tech Plastics produces three types of static dissipative sheet to meet your most demanding product specifications. Both are engineered specifically for packaging ESD sensitive items for use in ESD controlled environments.

Ex-Tech brand XSD-28 is available as Rigid Vinyl and PET plastic sheet in thickness from 10 to 60 mils..

Ex-Tech XAS-11 is a low charging (formerly known as anti-static) thermoformable sheet. It was designed specifically for use with connectors and similar passive devices. The XAS-11 product was developed to provide an effective low-cost and low charge generating packaging material for the delivery of non-sensitive parts into sensitive areas. Ex-Tech’s XAS-11 is recommended when there is concern that an untreated container might become charged and produce a field induced ESD event within an otherwise controlled environment.

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